Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ban This Book! Readathon Challenge

The hour grows late, but the challenges still await!

Ban This Book! is a nod to banned book week.  The object is to take any book, maybe your current readathon book, and find a ridiculous way to get it on the banned/challenged list.  Present the story or events completely out of context, use innocent quotes and turn them into something dark and dirty!  

For instance I just picked a book at random from the shelf- The Princess Bride by William Goldman, and I'm going to use the plot  to present my case as to why the book should be banned.

The Princess Bride is a book that glorifies violence, murder, torture and crime!  The main "hero" is a blood thirsty pirate who attacks a poor scarred man and chokes unconscious a mentally challenged giant, then kills a man with poison!  Not to mention, this so-called "hero" brutally slays the endangered R.O.U.S's (rodents of unusual size) and later threatens to chop off various body parts of another character.  The "love story" is immorality at it's best, the heroine is engaged, and then married, to another man when she abandons him to live in sin with the hero.  Revenge against a physically deformed man is a major subplot and his murder is quite excessive.  I shudder to think what reading this book could do to the fragile young minds of our youths.  No doubt they would want to take up sword fighting and plan careers as assassins.  I implore you to take this book of your shelves before more innocent children are corrupted!

Hmm, I might have gone a little crazy there, but hopefully you get the drift.  And it doesn't matter if you pick a book already on the banned or challenged list, I know what a bunch of rebellious readers we have out here in the book blogging world!  Just have fun with it.

The prize is a $15.00 Amazon gift certificate, which will be emailed to you, so this is open to all readathon participants.  It would be helpful to include your email address in your comment, and you can either post a link to your banned books argument or, if you don't have a blog, just enter the entire thing into the comments section.  This contest will be open for 3 hours.

Have fun with it and be silly!

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